Hi there! My name is Boshko

I am a graduated Information Technologies Engineer, I have been working and living in Munich since 2012. I have successfully completed an additional two-year education program, which is IHK approved, specializing in IT system integration. and also since January 2022 I am specializing in the field of Cloud Computing. During this time I improved my knowledge providing important insights into Networking, Virtualisation, MS Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, CI/CD Pipelines and Linux Server. Additional learning in online courses in this area rounds up my day. 3D/2D animation is also a familiar field for me.


Google Cloud Projects

FastAPI Python Framework

Python FastAPI Weather & Air Quality App

Deploying Odoo ERP Server. Distribute the traffic across multiple instances with Load Balancer

Google Cloud Site-to-Site and Point-to-Site VPN Connection

Deploying Serverless Applications
on GCP with Terraform Cloud Run Module

Deploy WordPress on Kubernetes Cluster with secure TLS/SSL Connection

Efficient GCP Resource Management with Terraform and Cloud Build CI/CD Pipelines

Hyper - V Projects

Hyper-V Environment with 2x pfsense Firewalls, DMZ and Point-to-Site VPN Connection

Interactive PowerShell Script for Hyper-V VM Provisioning

Windows VPN Server in Hyper-V Environment

Docker Projects

Build Customised Docker Image, push to the Public Repository and pull to a GCP GKE Project

Quick and easy LAN Network speed check with Docker Container

Here, some other content from me

3D Animations and Graphic Design

3D Phone Modeling and Animation

Tools: Blender 3D and After Effects

3D Kitchen Modeling and Animation

Tools: Cinema 4D and After Effects

Comic 3D Furniture Store Modeling and Animation

Tools: Cinema 4D and After Effects

Coffee Shop Website Design and Animation

Tools: After Effects

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