Build customised Docker Image, push to the Public Repository and pull to a GCP GKE Projectc

First I created Docker HUB Account and Installed a Docker App on a local machine then used Terminal to log in to my Docker account.

Pull the NGINX Docker Image

Run a Docker Container on port 80

I downloaded a free website template and save it to a folder called web

I deleted the previous Container and run it again, but this time I mounted the web folder into a Containers path /usr/share/nginx/html with read and write permissions

I did some minor changes to the website template in VS Code

In the same web folder, I created a simple Docker file

In Terminal, navigate to the web folder where the Dockerfie is and build the Docker Image.

Tag the created Image and push to my Public Docker HUB Repository.

Create GKE Cluster in the Google Cloud Platform.

Authenticate the current GCP User to interact with the Cluster.

Pull the Docker Image from my Public Repository and deploy it to GKE.

Just to test it, I exposed the deployment on port 80.

It is reachable via Public IP address.

Also did another test and Pull the same Docker Image from anotherĀ  (Windows machine).